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Luminometer LUmo


Autobio LUmo is a state of the art microplate luminometer, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate based, glow luminescence applications.

Product highlights

High sensitivity 1 x 10-23 mole HRP
… allows detection of ...  

MSC100 Thermo-Shaker
MS-100/MSC-100 Thermo-Shaker Incubator

Thermo-Shaker Incubator

Designed for simultaneous heating, cooling and mixing of small samples. Both MS-100 and MSC-100 are supplied with interchangeable platforms for various tubes.
Mixing, heating and cooling modes can be used either simultaneously or ...  


MW-12A Microplate Washer

img/produkte/upload/klinische_chemie/mw12a.jpg  img/produkte/upload/klinische_chemie/mw12a-2.jpg




  • Two rinse bottles avoids bottle change.
  • Waste spare bottle with overflow warning.
  • Compatible with flat, U- or V-bottom plates
  • 2 wash modes with interchangeable manifolds for 8- and 12-well strips 
  •  Automatic bottom

MX100-4A Shaker

MX100-4A Shaker

MX100-4A       MX100-4A 


  • Variable speed from 200 to 1,500rpm
  • DC brushless motor for gentle and powerful motion
  • Orbital of 3mm for efficient mixing in small sample vessels
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • Optional rack for 1.5ml centrifuge tube
  • Simple

OS-200 Orbital Shaker
OS-200/OS-100 Orbital Shaker

Orbital Shaker OS200         Orbital Shaker OS100
OS-200 OS-100

OS-200 & OS-100 Orbital Shaker is a powerful variable speed shaker which provides efficient orbital motion. Microprocessor controls of speed and time. The shaker can be applicable in different laboratories ...  

PA 120

PA 120 Full-automated Specific Protein Analysator


Protein analyzer PA-120





Specific protein
a variety of proteins play an important role in human body both pathologically and physiologically. 
An increase or decrease of these proteins in the blood is correlated with some ...  



Mikroplatten Leser
DIMDI Reg.-Nr.: DE/CA22/1116-116-IVD



  • Vollautomatisch
  • Einfaches Windows-Betriebssystem mit Touchscreen oder Maus, große LCD-Anzeige
  • 8-Kanal Lichtwellenleiter-System erlaubt das Lesen der gesamten Platte in 5 Sekunden


Mikroplatten Leser
DIMDI Reg.-Nr.: DE/CA22/1116-117-IVD



  • PC gesteuertes System, Windows XP
  • 8-Kanal Lichtwellenleiter-System erlaubt das Lesen einer Platte mit 96 Vertiefungen in 5 Sekunden
  • Berechnungs-Modi umfassen ABS, Cut-off, Kurven-, Linear

PlatePCread Plus

PlatePCread Plus

Microplate reader

Der neue PlatePCread Plus von BGT BioGenTechnologies


  • UV wavelength available, including 340 nm
  • End point, fixed time, kinetic
  • Temperature control (optional), incubation time and iermerature adjustable
  • PC controlled system, Windows XP
  • 8-channel optical fiber system enables 5



Spezifischer Protein-Analysator


Protein-Analysator Pr-o-test


Vorgefertigte Reagenzpackungen verminderen die Arbeitsschritte


Parameter: hsCRP, HbA1c, mALB, D-Dimer, ASO, RF, C3, C4 etc kann auf mehr als 30 Parameter

Sample Concentration-KD200
Sample Concentration-KD200


Sample Concentration KD200


  • High precision and wide range of temp control
  • Blowing a large number of samples at one time
  • Blowing each sample independently
  • Amount of airflow can be adjusted
  • Easy operation; safe and reliable to use
  • Low Nitrogen consumption of 330ml

Sample Concentration-MD200
Sample Concentration-MD200

Sample-Concentration MD200

The instrument consists of a base and stand assembly, sample holder and gas distribution system. Test tubes are held in a bolck. The gas at 5 to 10 psig passes through the distribution manifold. Depending on the test-tube size and solvent volume they can ...  

Sample Concentration-WD-12
Sample Concentration-WD-12
Sample Concentration WD12

The instrument consists of a base and stand assembly, sample holder and gas distribution system. Test tubes are held in place by a spring-loaded sample holder and support tray. Each position is numbered. The gas passes through an adjustable flow meter to ...  



Sweat test analysator 

Sweat test analysator SM01

With this new sweat analyzer, no manipulation needed. Use friendly for all kind of users, like hospital laboratory as well, private clinics and doctor's office.
Main cystic fibrosis patient's feature is high NaCl sweat concentration. Determining amoung of ...  

Turb-o-test Hct

Turb-o-test Hct

microhematocrit centrifuge


  • Portable and compact microhematocrit centrifuge
  • Perfect for medical missionaries or veterinary field work
  • Spins four 75mm capillary tubes in angled rotor
  • Mylar-coated or plastic capillary tubes recommended - vial
    of 200 tubes





  • Portable and compact microcentrifuge
  • Perfect for medical missionaries or field Veterinarians
  • 6-place rotor for 1.5 and 2ml microtubes
  • 12-place rotor for 0.5ml microtubes
  • Powered by maintenance-free brushless motor
  • Variable speed: 0-7,000 rpm
  • RCF

UF-2000 Gas Burner Serilizer
UF-2000 Safety Gas Burner Sterilizer

UF2000 Safety Gas Burner


  • Ignite mode: By touch-free IR sensing movement and a wireless foot pedal control
  • Gas types: All flammable safety gas (0.28~0.4MPa)
  • Safety Protection: It has overheating protection and gas safety cut-off protection

Urin-o-test Vet

Urin-o-test Vet

Urin Analysator




  • 8 Tierarten verfügbar
  • Offenes Reagenzstreifen-System
  • Kaltlichtquelle mit langer Haltbarkeit
  • Automatische Kalibration für größere Genauigkeit
  • Automatische Datensicherung beim Ausschalten
  • Speicher: 1000 Proben, 11000 Tests
  • Große


Urit 14G

Urinteststreifen mit 14 Parametern für die automatisierte Auswertung mit Urit Urinteststreifenanalysatoren

 mit den Parametern Mikroalbumin, Creatinin, Kalzium


Urinteststreifen Urit 14G


Urinteststreifen für die automatisierte Auswertung mit einem Urit Urinteststreifenanalysator

mit ...  


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