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Aktuelle News

Zöliakie - Keul-o-test Zöliakie KGST403 DIMDI Reg.-Nr.: DE/CA22/1116-257-IVD I mmunochromatographi c rapid test card for qualitative detection of IgA antibody against human tTG in ...  

Blasensprung - Keul-o-test Blasensprung KGST402 DIMDI Reg.-Nr.: DE/CA22/1116-256-IVD Iimmunochromatographic rapid test device for qualitative detection of IGFBP-1 in vaginal swab ...  

M.pneumonia IgM - Keul-o-test M. pneumonia IgM KGST401 DIMDI Reg.-Nr.: DE/CA22/1116-259-IVD I immunochromatographi c rapid test for qualitative detection of antibodies against mycoplasma pneumoniae ...  

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