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Technical Service Consultants have been selling and manufacturing products for use in the microbiology laboratory for over 25 years.  More recently we have been servicing the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries for microbial environmental sampling and testing.

Enviroscreen is the complete microbiology monitor for hygiene, sterility and quality, which also includes a range of complementary elements designed to support the microbiological QC and QA procedures of plant, process, product and personnel.


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Key Benefits

Enviroscreen sponges have been shown to give a superior recovery of Listeria spp.
Simple to use.
Gamma Irradiated.

Environmental Sampling Sponges



Enviroscreen sponges can be used for surface sampling and semi quantitive analysis.  Blue Enviroscreen sponges are dosed with neutralising buffer or Butterfields diluent, in a medical grade bag, containing either a resealable mini grip bag or 100ml blue plastic  container.

Surfaces Can Be Sampled By:

Pressing the sponge down onto the surface - then onto a suitable agar plate which will give a CFU count/50cm2.

Sampling a set area - the sampling template TS15-T is ideal for this purpose covering a 100cm2 area.  The sponge can then be treated in a stomacher or manually squeezed so that plate counts can be performed.

Sampling an area and incubating the sponge in a suitable enrichment broth - listeria broth, buffered peptone water etc.  to isolate specific organisms.


50cm2 Blue Sponge dosed with Neutralising Buffer in a Medical Grade Bag with a 100ml Blue Plastic Container

TS15-B50cm2 Blue Sponge dosed with Neutralising Buffer in a Medical Grade Bag with a Resealable Bag150
TS15-L50cm2 Blue Sponge dosed with Butterfields Diluent in a Medical Grade Bag with a 100ml Blue Plastic Container45
TS15-N50cm2 Blue Sponge dosed with Neutralising Buffer in a Heat Sealed Stomacher Bag Without Glove100
TS15-T10 x 10cm2 Sterile Plastic Template, Individually Wrapped50
TS15-UEnvirostikTM Blue Sponge dosed with Neutralising Buffer  in a Medical Grade Bag with a Resealable Bag100

Dry Swabs

We offer a range of dry swabs in tubes or pouches designed for environmental sampling.  All tubes are round bottomed and all products are Gamma Irradiated to ensure a SAL of at least 10-6

Each product is lot numbered and a Certificate of Irradiation is available on request.



Cotton Tip, Wood Shaft, Single in Tube

TS7-HAlginate Tip, Wood Shaft, Single in Tube100
TS8-J4" Jumbo Cotton, Single in Peel Pouch100
TS15-C12" Blue Plastic Shaft, Jumbo Foam Tip, Single in Tube100
TS17-HPure Viscose Tip, Polypropylene Shaft, Single in Tube500
TS19-HBlue Shaft, Breakpoint at 45mm, Single in Tube500
TS19-TBlue Shaft, Breakpoint at 45mm, Single in Peel Pouch


TS19-MLow ATP Swab, Pure Dacron Tip, Single in Tube500
SP28Wooden Spatula, Single in Peel Pouch1000

Drag Swabs



In response to the growing demand for more effective ways to test for Salmonella and other micro-organisms in poultry breeding houses and other environments, Technical Service Consultants have developed a simple to use drag swab.

Drag swabs have been shown to be the most effective method of sampling and monitoring Salmonella contamination in poultry breeding houses and to be a highly effective tool for the broad scale detection of Salmonella contamination at farm level.

The pack consists of a medical grade bag containing an 8 x 2.5cm sponge attached to a 30cm nylon cord.  the packs are sterilised using gamma irradiation.  Plastic bulldog clips to attach swab to clothing are available separately.

TS15-GDrag Swabs Individually Packed50
TS15-HDrag Swabs Individually Packed500
TS15-KPlastic Bulldog Clips10

Maximal Recovery Diluent



A transport swab system available as a semi-solid medium or liquid using a pure viscose tip swab.

MRD provides the protective effect of peptone with the osmotic support of physiological saline whilst low peptone concentration does not cause multiplication of organisms for up to 2 hours.

TS5-30Semi Solid MRD Transport System with a Pure Viscose Tip Swab in Peel Pouch100
TS5-31Liquid MRD Transport System with a Pure Viscose Tip Swab in Peel Pouch100

Swab Sampling Kits



Surface sampling kits are provided as a single peel pack containing a sealed tube with neutralising buffer and a capped swab.  The surface to be sampled can be tested using the swab dry or pre moistened from the buffer in the tube.

The sampling template can be used to provide an accurately defined 100cm2 sampling area, allowing for the assessment of colony forming units per cm2.  Two types are provided;-

Pure Dacron is a totally synthetic fibre.  the tip is heat treated to ensure adherance to the shaft whilst in the buffer.

Alginate fibre will dissolve in the buffer alowing release of the organism collected onto the swab during sampling.

TS5-405ml Neutralising Buffer with Blue Breakpoint, Pure Viscose Tip Swab in Peel Pouch100
TS5-4210ml Neutralising Buffer with a Pure Dacron Tip Swab in Peel Pouch100
TS5-4310ml Neutralising Buffer with an Alginate Tip Swab in Peel Pouch100
TS15-T10 x 10cm2 Sterile Plastic Template50

Water Sampling Containers

500ml rectangular plastic bottles fitted with tamper proof cap and supplied with or without sodium thiosulphate.  Sterilised by gamma irradiation to ensure a SAL of at least 10-6.

Each bottle is coded with a lot number.

TS15-D500ml Sterile Water Sampling Container dosed with 50mg Sodium Thiosulphate100
TS15-F500ml Sterile Water Sampling Container without Sodium Thiosulphate100

Discounts are available on bulk purchase or standing order.

Shipments overseas are supplied on an ex-works basis or CIF

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