Auto Chemistry Analysator

BGT-KC300 Auto Chemisty Analyzer

System function
Throughput: up to 300 tests/Hour(not including ISE tests)
Test Method: End point, Fixed time, Kinetic
Test Sequence: Discrete, Random access, STAT can be inserted at any time. Test sequence can be sorted by samples or items
Spectrometer: enclosed array of spectrometer and photodiodes, maintenance free.
Cuvette washing: auto wash the cuvettes through 8 segments washing pipe and continuous usethem(optional)
Reaction detect: monitor 81 cuvettes's reaction at the same time
Photometric process: the interval time between two consecutive photometric points are exactly the same.
Pipeline system: pressure auto released pumps and double filters to protect pumps and valves
Gearing: plastic gear leads lower noise and accuracy of positioning of moving parts
Environmental resistance: resistant form dust and water vapor 

Sample/Reagent/Stirrer system
Sample volume: 2µL–30µL, step by O.1µL
Sample disc: 60 positions for primary tubes and secondary cups
Reagent volume: 20µL-300µL, step by 1µL
Reagent disc: provide 60 reagent bottle positions
Reagent bottle: particular reagent bottle without dead volume
Reagent Cooling: continuous cooling system according to the principle of peltier
Probe: inner and outer walls are highly polished leads carry-over <0.1%, level detection and vertical and horizontal collision protection
Stirrer: paddle stirrer coated with Teflon, stir immediately after the sample was added in.
Water consume: <1.5L/hour
Carry over: Optimized item test sequence and reinforced washing process, lower the carry over and avoid probe being clotted

Reaction system
Cuvette: permanent UV free glass cuvette
Reaction disc: Discal reaction disc with 81 disposable cuvettes
Reaction volume: 150µL-600µL
Heater: solid and sealed heater leads temperature raise rapidly and steady and maintenance free
Temperature: 37°C±0.1°C 

Optical system
Light source: 12V 20W, halogen lamp with lifetime more than 2000 hours
Spectrometer: post spectrometer with arrayed and sealed filters, maintenance free
Wavelength: 340nm. 405nm. 450nm. 510nm. 546nm. 578nm. 630nm. 670nm
Absorbance range: 0-6 

Calibration type: single point linear, two points linear multi-points linear Logit-4P. Logit-5P.
Spline. Exponential 5P. Polynomial 5P, auto choose the best fittest calibration
QC type: real time QC. daily QC. day to day QC
QC chart: L-J. Cumulative sum check. Twin Plot
QC rule: Customized QC rule in order to adapt different item's requirements

Operational system
Operational system: VISTA. Windows XP. Windows2000
Memory: auto save and recover the results
Report format: Customized report format
Status Check: real time check the working status of the analyzer

Power/ Dimension
Voltage: AC 85V - 264V, 55Hz ±8Hz, Auto adapt according to the input voltage
Power Consume: <350VA
Dimension: 850mm x 650mm x 1067mm (L x W x H)
Net weight: 90Kg


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