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PlatePCread Plus

Microplate reader

Der neue PlatePCread Plus von BGT BioGenTechnologies


  • UV wavelength available, including 340 nm
  • End point, fixed time, kinetic
  • Temperature control (optional), incubation time and iermerature adjustable
  • PC controlled system, Windows XP
  • 8-channel optical fiber system enables 5 secs' reading for the whole plate
  • more than 500 programs and minimum 1000.000 results can be stored
  • powerful QC programs including Westerguard Multi.rule and Instant method, automatic alarm
  • calculation modes includes ABS, cut-off, curve, linear, log, exponential, power and 4PL regression
  • auto self-check when power on, with lamp saving and plate shaking
  • random positive and negative control setting
  • multi-assay enables up to 12 different assays on one plate

ReportReport des PlatePCread Plus
Plate settingPlatteneinstellungen
ProgrammingProgrammierung des PlatePCread Plus
CalibartionKalibrierung des Mikroplattenlesegeraetes


Technical Sepecifications:

Absorbance Range

0.000-4.000 ABS
Resolution0.001 Abs (displayed), 0.0001 Abs (calculated)
Wavelength340, 405, 450, 492, 630 nm, 3 more filters optional
Wavelength Accuracy

± 1 nm

Band With< 8 nm
MethodologiesEnd Point, Fixed time, Kinetic
Calculation MethodeABS, Cut-Off, Singel standard, Curve, Multi-Percent, Percent Log, Linear, Exponential, Power, 4PL Regression
Reading Speed5 secounds for 96 well plate (Single wavelangth)
Shaking PlateShaking time and speed adjustable
Plate IncubationAmbient temperature +4 - 45°C, adjustable
Optic System8-channel optic fiber system
Light SourceHalogen lamp
Operation PC operation, bidirectional communications
MemoryMore than 500 programs, up to 100.00 test results
PrinterAll printers compatible with Windows
Power RequirementAC 110V - 240V ± 10%, 50-60 ± 1Hz
Net Weight9 KG
DimensionsL x w H (mm): 186 x 440 x 220


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