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6K/10K Mini-Centrifuge


6K und 10K Mini-Zentrifuge


  • Clear cover allows user to view rotor status
  • Starts and stops in seconds


Power supply100V or 240V 50/60Hz100V or 240V 50/60Hz
Power requirement30W30W
Max. rotational speed6,000 rpm10,000rpm
Relative centrifugal
force (RCF)
2,000 x g5,000 x g
Rotors6x1.5/2.0ml fixed-angle rotor
2x8 well 0.2ml strip rotor
6x1.5/2.0ml fixed-angle rotor
2x8 well 0.2ml strip rotor
Dimensions in (WxDxH)189 x 161 x 122mm189 x 161 x 122mm

Notice: We will stop marketing 6K/10K Mini-Centrifuge in November 2009, and Mini-6K/Mini-7K/Mini-10K Mini-Centrifuge (see below) will be replaced.


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