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Sample Concentration-MD200

Sample-Concentration MD200

The instrument consists of a base and stand assembly, sample holder and gas distribution system. Test tubes are held in a bolck. The gas at 5 to 10 psig passes through the distribution manifold. Depending on the test-tube size and solvent volume they can be individually raised or lowered to the correct height. Needles or glass pipets blow gas onto the surface of the solution resulting in rapid evaporation of the solvent. All materials used are laboratory grand and can withstand contact with organic solvents. Acid resistant models are available for corrosive application.


Temp. Control Range RT+5°C~150°CRT+5°C~150°CRT+5°C~150°C
Homogeneity Control Discrepancy1min~99h59min1min~99h59min1min~99h59min
Temp. Control Accuracy @40~100°C±0.5°C±0.5°C±0.5°C
Temp. Control Accuracy @100~150°C±1°C±1°C±1°C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C  0.1°C  0.1°C
Heating Time(40~150°C)≤30 min≤30 min≤30 min
Standard Blocks 112
Nitrogen Consumption0-10L/min0-10L/min0-10L/min
Dimension(mm) 280 x 240 x 110280 x 240 x 110280 x 240 x 110
Needle length150 mm80 mm150 mm

Blocks for MD200

Blocks for MD200                Flow Control Falve Flow Control Falve

TypeParameter CapacityFlow Control Falve
Dimension (mm)
BK01Φ6 mm4996 x 96 x 49
BK02Φ7 mm4996 x 96 x 49
BK03Φ10 mm2596 x 96 x 49
BK04Φ12 mm2596 x 96 x 49
BK05Φ13 mm2596 x 96 x 49
BK06Φ15 mm1296 x 96 x 49
BK07Φ15 mm1696 x 96 x 49
BK08Φ16 mm1296 x 96 x 49
BK09Φ16 mm1696 x 96 x 49
BK10Φ19 mm1296 x 96 x 49
BK11Φ19 mm1696 x 96 x 49
BK12Φ20 mm996 x 96 x 49
BK13Φ26 mm996 x 96 x 49
BK14Φ28 mm496 x 96 x 49
BK15Φ40 mm496 x 96 x 49
BK160.5 ml4996 x 96 x 49
BK171.5 ml2596 x 96 x 49
BK182.0 ml2596 x 96 x 49
BK19*0.2ml9678 x 114 x 26
BK20*Plate (no holes)Microplate81 x 123 x 19

* Notice: BK19, BK20 are used in the MD200-1A


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