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CRP Controls & Calibrator

Dedicated control designed for use in the routine monitoring of both accuracy and precision. Suitable for use with traditional and high sensitivity CRP assays, standardised to BCR/CAP/IFCC CRM470.

  • Liquid ready to use
  • 100% human material
  • Stable to expiry date at +2 - 8 °C
  • Open vial stability of 30 days at +2 - 8 °C


DescriptionSizeCat. No.
CRP Liquid Control Level 210 x 1 mlKG2480
CRP Liquid Control Level 310 x 1 mlKG2481
CRP High Sensitivity Control Level 110 x 1 mlKG2476
CRP High Sensitivity Control Level 210 x 1 mlKG2477
CRP I-Level Calibrator For Dilution Series3 x 1 mlKG2179
CRP High Sensitivity 6-Level Calibrator Series6 x 2 mlKG2478
CRP Mid Range 6-Level Calibrator Series6 x 2 mlKG2479
CRP Full Range 6-Level Calibrator Series6 x 1 mlKG2499



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