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Total Protein Control, Normal & Abnormal

BGT’s total protein electrophoresis controls can be prepared with almost any human disease specific pattern. The normal pattern control has a normal electrophoresis pattern and contain from 5.5-7.0 gm/dl total protein. The abnormal controls can be prepared as a non-specific inflammatory, monoclonal gammopathies or other disease patterns at an OEM customer’s discretion. Controls can be prepared with varying haptoglobin levels as well. The controls are all prepared in a clear serum base and hence are suitable for nephlometry controls as well as electrophoresis markers.

  • SC-109 6X0.5 ml, bulk vials or bulk liquid (2 liters min) normal control
  • SC-109AB 6X0.5 ml, bulk vials or bulk liquid (2 liter min) abnormal control


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