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CliChem 360

Automated Chemistry Analyzer
DIMDI Reg.-Nr.: DE/CA22/1116-127-IVD



  • Fully automated, discrete, up to 360 tests per hour
  • Sample, reagent and reaction tray concentric, Compact design gives ease in maintenance
  • Pre-heated probe with Liquid level detection for sample and reagent, with vertical and lateral position detection
  • All reagent position with cooling function
  • Automatic 10 steps cleaning system, Low carryover
  • User friendly software based on Windows XP ,Simplicity and flexibility of operation
  • Setting programme one by one or batching setting
  • Reagent open system, close system on request
  • Reaction curve, calibration curve and quality control display
  • Multi-language software available ,Bar-code reading optional

Technical specifications

System Function
Throughput:Up to 360 tests per hour
Contents of the testing:Clinical chemistry, Immunoturbidimetric, Electrolyte
Analytical modes:End-point, Two-point, Kinetic, Discrepant Value, Electrolyte (optional)
Sample volume:4-50ul
Reagent volume:250-450ul
Reaction liquid volume:250-500ul
Reacting temperature:37 ± 0.1°C
Programming:Setting one by one or batching setting.
STAT sample priority, Optional ISE unit and barcode reading
Sample Tray
Sample position:118 sample positions (59 sample cup/59 primary tube)
Support 7ml and 10ml primary tube
Any position for standard and quality control setting
Reagent Tray
Reagent bottle volume:Reagent one volume 38ml, reagent two volume 18ml.Mono-reagent 60ml
Reagent position:70 positions (35 dual reagent positions)
Reagent cooling temperature:5-10°C, 24 hours operating
Reagent distribution:Progress by high precision Syringe, 1ul step
Reaction Tray
Reaction tray:60 cuvettes
Reacting temperature:37 ± 0.1°C
Cuvette cleaning:Automatic 10 steps cleaning
Waste bottle with liquid level sensor
With preheating function
With liquid level sensor, vertical and lateral position sensor
Measuring and Optics System
Lamp:Halogen-tungsten lamp
Wavelengths:8 filters with wavelength from 340~700nm
Linearity range:0-2.5ABS
User Interface
User friendly software based on Windows XP operation system
Reaction curve, calibration curve and quality control display


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