Medical fair in Düsseldorf

 visitors on the booth of Guenter Keul GmbH on Medica 2009 in Duesseldorf
Clients on the booth of Günter Keul GmbH at Medica 2009

Like last year the Günter keul GmbH shows a wide range of medical devices and quck test on its booth on Mecida 2009 in Düsseldorf/Germany from the 18. -21. November.

The visitors were specially interested in the analytical instruments from the certificated german manufacturer BGT BioGenTechnologies, which were designed for the ordinary daily practice in medical labs.

  Medical instruments from the german manufacturer BGT BioGenTechnologies
Analytical instruments from the german manufacturer BGT BioGenTechnologies

Many visitors were very interested in the effevtive microplate washer and reader and wanted detailed informations about the urine analyzers Urin-o-test and Urin-o-test Vet and the new offered coagulometer Coag-o-test.

 The booth of the Guenter Keul GmbH on Medica 2009 in Duesseldorf/Germany
Like every year on medica the vistors were very interested in informations about the rapid tests of the Keul-o-test series, especially the new Influenza A/B Complete test which allows to distinguish the A and B viruses.


 Leaflets with detailed informations about the medical devices for the visitors
Flyer and leaflets of the medical devices, blood controls and rapid test offer the visitors practical informations for later studies about the products of the Günter Keul GmbH


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