A wide range of swabs are available with a choice of swab shafts including white birch wood, polypropylen (flexible) and polystyrene (breakable) , fine aluminium wire, fine steel twisted wire and plasticised kraft paper. 

The shaft tips are formed from cotton, alginate, pure viscose, pure dacron and range from the standard size to mini tip.  All swabs are Gamma Irradiated to ensure a Sal of at least 10-6.


Key Benefits

Swabs are available in a variety of packaging, including peel pouch, multi packs or tubes.
Round bottom tubes to avoid sharp edges and for easy racking.
Inert tip permits good sample retreival.


Woodstick - Cotton Tip

TS6-APlain in Tube500
TS6-BCharcoal Coated in Tube500
TS6-CSerum Coated in Tube500
TS6-DAlbumin Coated in Tube500
TS6-S3" Forensic Swab Sharpened Tip in Tube500
TS8-ASingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS8-BCharcoal Coated in Peel Pouch1000
TS9-A25 in Peel Pouch1000
TS9-B5 in Peel Pouch1000
TS9-C2 in Peel Pouch1000
TS9-D10 in Peel Pouch1000
TS10100 in Mini Grip Bag (100 x 50)5000
TS10-B100 in Paper Bag (100 x 85)8500
Woodstick - Alginate Tip
TS7Single in Tube100
TS14-ESingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS14-G25 in Peel Pouch (25 x 40)1000
Polypropylene Shaft - Pure Viscose Tip
TS17-ASingle in Tube500
TS17-BSingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS17-C100 in Mini Grip Bag (100 x 50)1000
Polypropylene Shaft - Cotton Tip
TS17-DSingle in Tube500
TS17-FSingle in Peel Pouch1000
Polystyrene Shaft - Pure Viscose Tip
TS19-ASingle in Tube500
TS19-BSingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS19-K100 in Mini Grip Bag (100 x 50)5000
Polystyrene Shaft - Pure Dacron Tip
TS19-GSingle in Tube500
TS19-JSingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS19-O2 x Female Swabs in Peel Pouch1000
Breakpoint at 45mm - Pure Viscose Tip
TS19-PSingle in Tube500
TS19-SSingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS19-Z2 x Female Swabs in Peel Pouch1000
Low ATP Swabs - For Bioluminescence Testing
TS19-MSingle in Tube500
Aluminium Shaft - Pure Viscose Mini Tip
TS19-CSingle in Tube500
TS19-DSingle in Peel Pouch1000
Aluminium Shaft - Alginate Mini Tip
TS14-CSingle in Tube100
TS14-DSingle in Peel Pouch1000
Fine Steel Twisted Wire - Cotton Mini Tip
TS14-HSingle in Tube100
TS14-KSingle in Peel Pouch100
Plasticised Paper Shaft - Cotton Mini Tip
TS16-ASingle in Tube500
TS16-BSingle in Peel Pouch1000
TS16-CCharcoal Coated in Tube500
TS16-D100 in Mini Grip Bag1000
TS16-PBreakpoint at 45mm, in Tube500
TS16-SBreakpoint at 45mm, in Peel Pouch1000
Specialised Swabs and Components
TS11Orange Stick, Woodstick, No Tip (100 x 50)5000
TS183" Plastic Shaft, Cotton Tip, 100 in Mini Grip Bag (100 x 50)5000
Endocervical Brushes
TS31Single in Peel Pouch1000
TS3210 in Peel Pouch1000
TS33Cheek Swab1000
Swab Combination Packs
TS251 x Polystyrene Shaft, Breakpoint at 45mm

1 x Plasticised Paper Shaft, Breakpoint at 45mm

TS25-B1 x Male Swab & 1 x Female Swab1000

Discounts are available on bulk purchase or standing order.

Shipments overseas are supplied on an ex-works basis or CIF

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