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A wide range of swabs are available with a choice of swab shafts including white birch wood, polypropylen (flexible) and polystyrene (breakable) , fine aluminium wire, fine steel twisted wire and plasticised kraft paper. 

The shaft tips are formed from cotton, alginate, pure viscose, pure ...  

Hygiene und Sterilität
Technical Service Consultants have been selling and manufacturing products for use in the microbiology laboratory for over 25 years.  More recently we have been servicing the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries for microbial environmental sampling and testing.

Enviroscreen ...  

Our Disposable Loops may be used in the testing laboratory for sub-culturing and inoculating purposes.


All our disposable plastics are manufactured from our Sandbach plant, including disposable loops and spreaders and under go a vigorous 100% quality inspection before being released for ...  

Sicherheit - Qualitätskontrolle

ProtectTM  is used for storing bacteria, fungi and yeasts, quality control cultures, culture isolates, cross infection isolates and interesting organisms.


The ProtectTM storage system comes in a ready to use pack consisting of a styrene tray holding 100 vials, each containing 20 ...  

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