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MS-100/MSC-100 Thermo-Shaker Incubator

Thermo-Shaker Incubator

Designed for simultaneous heating, cooling and mixing of small samples. Both MS-100 and MSC-100 are supplied with interchangeable platforms for various tubes.
Mixing, heating and cooling modes can be used either simultaneously or independently. The main body housing the mixing and heating platform can accommodate different kinds of blocks.


  • Clear, easy to use LCD display
  • Soft touch keypads
  • Small footprint
  • Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed
  • Over-heating protection device ensures safety & reliability
  • Temperature can be calibrated to meet user's needs.
  • Low noise working even under the speed of 1,500rpm
  • Conforms to CE safty standards


Temp. Setting Range5°C~100°C0°C~100°C
Temp. Control RangeRT.+5°C~100°C0°C~100°CAmbient Temp.≤20°C
4°C~100°CAmbient Temp.≤25°C
10°C~100°CAmbient Temp.≤30°C
Timing Range1 min ~ 99h59min1 min ~ 99h59min
Mixing Speed200 rpm - 1500 rpm200 rpm - 1500 rpm
Mixing Orbit2 mm2 mm
Temp. Control Accuracy≤± 0.3 °C≤± 0.3 °C
Display Accuracy0.1 °C0.1 °C
Heating Time
(from 20 °C to 100 °C)
≤20 min≤15 min
Cooling time-----≤30min (from RT. to RT.-20 °C)
≤15min (from 100 °C to 20 °C)
Dimension ( LxWxH) mm300 x 220 x 170300 x 220 x 170
Net Weight7 kg8.5 kg

Blocks for MS-100/MSC-100

Blocks for MS100

TypeParameterMax.Temp.Max. Speed(rpm)
A96 x 0.2ml100°C1500
B54 x 0.5 ml100°C1500
C35  x 1.5ml100°C1500
D35 x 2.0ml100°C1500
E15 x 0.5 ml + 20 x 1.5ml100°C1500
F24 x Dia.≤ Ø12mm Tube100°C1200
G12 x 15ml Falcon100°C750
H6 x 50ml Falcon100°C750
I103 x 67 x 30 Water Bath Block100°C1500
J96 Wells Microplate100°C1500



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