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Sample Concentration-KD200


Sample Concentration KD200


  • High precision and wide range of temp control
  • Blowing a large number of samples at one time
  • Blowing each sample independently
  • Amount of airflow can be adjusted
  • Easy operation; safe and reliable to use
  • Low Nitrogen consumption of 330ml/min/sample


Temperature rangeRT.+5°C~150°C
Temperature control discrepancy≤±1°C(RT.+5°C~100°C)
≤±1.5°C(100°C ~ 150°C)
Time required for temperature to increase from 40°C to 150°C≤30 min
Maximum input power400 W
Temp. control discrepancy± 0.1°C
Dimensions280 x 240 x 500mm
Net weight7 Kg
Deedles length150 mm


Blocks for KD200

Blocks for KD200





TypeParameter CapacityDimension (mm)
BD01Φ10 mm12192 x 96 x 49
BD02Φ12 mm12192 x 96 x 49
BD03Φ13 mm12192 x 96 x 49
BD04Φ15 mm12192 x 96 x 49
BD05Φ16 mm12192 x 96 x 49
BD06Φ19 mm12192 x 96 x 49
BD07Φ20 mm12192 x 96 x 49

Professionally-designed block, tester can observe at the surface location of concentrated samples



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