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Clear Human Serum Base

BGT’s clear serum base conforms to high standards and is an ideal product for preparing turbidity sensitive controls such as nephelometry calibrators. The product contains normal levels of human serum proteins with the exception of the beta-lipoproteins. The customer may purchase the serum base as either total or partially delipidized human serum. BGT also adjusts the total protein level to customer specification with elevated protein material exhibiting increased concentrations of individual fractions. Optical density for the totally delipidized product at 710 nanometers is less than 0.0050 A in a 1.0 centimeter light path. BGT’s standard quality control procedure certifies analysis values using electrophoresis techniques. If desired, we will run other assays at a small additional cost. The product is shipped frozen with or without preservatives at the customer’s request.

  • SC-118 1 liter bulk liquid base


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