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Creatinine Phosphokinase Control


BGT’s human enzyme controls are prepared in a stabilized serum base and perform in most currently run electrophoresis procedures. Retail customers can purchase an elevated control routinely set around 900 units of CK per liter.  OEM customers may pick from a wide range of CK levels. The BGT staff can set the values for both the fractions and the total in a range from normal to highly elevated.  The CK Control has an assured refrigerated stability of two years when lyophilized and for five days refrigerated after reconstitution. The bulk product can be shipped frozen for the customer to dispense and lyophilized (2 liter minimum).
  • SC-105 6X0.5 ml, bulk vials or bulk liquid (2 liters min) elevated total CK.   Normal or specify range by special order


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