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KG3109-1 / KG3109-2/KG3109-3/KG3109-4

Store at 2-8oC

Immunoassay Control Level 1
KG3109-1 (12x5ml)
Immunoassay Control Level 2
KG3109-2 (12x5ml)
Immunoassay Control Level 3
KG3109-3 (12x5ml)
Immunoassay Control Trilevel
KG3109-4 (4x3x5ml)


Intended Use:
Immunoassay Controls are intended for use as assayed controls to monitor precision and accuracy for Immunoassay methods listed in this IFU 

Preparation and Stability:
Unopened vials are stable up to the expiry date on the vial label when stored tightly capped at 2-8oC.
Open the vial carefully without loss of lyophilised material. Carefully pipette 5ml of distilled or deionised water. Gently swirl the contents and set it aside for 30 minutes.  Once opened the reconstituted material is stable for 7 days (PSA for 3 days) when stored at 2-8oC and for a period of 1 month when stored without contamination at - 20oC. 

Assayed values international :
Value assignment is performed in a number of European Reference Laboratories and is a mean of results thus obtained. It is suggested that individual laboratories, perform replicate analysis to work out their own mean values and assay ranges before proceeding with the usage of these controls. 



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