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Chromogranin A
a tumor marker for pheochromocytoma and neuroendocrine tumors

Chromogranin A belongs to the acidic, soluble protein present in the secretory vesicles of neuroendocrine.
Immunohistochemical studies have demonstrated that chromogranin A is present in virtually all granulecontaining
endocrine cells and in the great majority of tumors of neuroendocrine origin.

Molecular weight: 49 kD, 431 amino acid (32% glutamic acid) encoded on chromosome 14
Isoelectric point (PI): 4.75 – 4.68
Half-life: 18 minutes in circulation

Clinical Applications:

  1. A very sensitive (83%) and highly specific (96%) diagnostic marker in the evaluation of actual or suspected pheochromocytoma. Drugs commonly employed in the diagnosis or treatment of pheochromocytoma has little effect on the plasma chromogranin A level.
  2. To ascertain the source of a tumor. A high chromogranin A level indicates that the tumor arises from neuroendocrine tissues.
  3. Endocrine tumors that do not produce their specific hormones, for example, calcitonin negative but chromogranin A positive C-cell carcinoma; zero-cell carcinoma; beta-cell carcinoma; parathyroid carcinoma.



Human Chromogranin A ELISA:

Assay format: “sandwich” immunoenzymometric assay using a monoclonal and a polyclonal human chromogranin A specific antibodies
Patient sample: serum or plasma
Sample pretreatment: none
Sample volume required: 0.05 mL
Normal range: < 100 ng/mL
Assay incubations: < 4 hours
No high dose “Hook” effect up to 1,000,000 ng/mL


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